Growth Journeys

For sports schools/clubs and their athletes. For those who want to harvest the fruits of their hard work in the moments that matter – AND live a fulfilled life.


My backpack is filled with traditional and not-so-traditional tools, methodologies and frameworks. Starting from your questions and needs, we select what suits you best and build your specific coaching track.

Each athlete and each team is unique – and so are our coaching journeys!

Individual Coaching

Do you perform better in training than at competitions? Are you your own biggest opponent at times? Don’t you live up to your potential yet? Do you need to build your mental strength or emotional resilience? Do you want to train some specific mental techniques? …

Team Coaching

Do you wonder how to maximise your team’s potential? How to harvest the synergies within the team? Do you want to solve some conflicts or optimise your on- and off-court communication? Or make a kick-start as a new team/ for the new season? …

“I think self-awareness is probably the most important thing towards being a champion.”
Billy Jean King


A topic-based journey for your sports club or team, delivered @ your facilities?

Check out these tried and tested packages!

Mental Techniques Training

5 x 2h group workshop for athletes

+ 1 info session for trainers

Mindfulness For Athletes

6 week programme

1 hour per week 

Growth Mindset Training

5x2h group workshop for athletes

+ 1 info session for parents

+ 1 info session for trainers

“Never say never, because limits, like fears, are often just an illusion.”
Michael Jordan


An intensive course to dive deep into a topic. For a group of like-minded athletes, working on their personal growth and mental resilience whilst supporting each other. You walk away with insights, solid action steps and strategies you can implement immediately. It’s powerful for you & for me.

Individual subscription   I   Small groups of 4-12 athletes

My optimal toolkit

2 days intensive on mental techniques covering topics such as: goal setting / visualisation / relaxation / meditation / breathing techniques / competition routines / coping with stress / self talk

Mindfulness intensive

2 days, understanding and practicing mindfulness, training your brain and your attention as a muscle, learning to cope with self-harming thoughts and so much more.

Me as my most important tool

2 days, self-development and self-knowledge intensive for athletes. Covering topics such as: personality profile/ growth mindset/ body knowledge / IZOF (individual zone of optimal functioning)

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.”
Nelson Mandela


Are you looking for a workshop or lecture concerning a sports psychology topic?

Would you like to have a mental strengths assessment of your athletes?

Do you have a specific question that needs a tailor-made solution? 

Just contact me and let’s find out together how I can help you!

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